P.U.T.H.Trans-Hel was founded in 1993 as a sole proprietorship and still functions like it. The economic changes that took place in Poland at that time caused us to operate as a trading company in the first years. It was in 1997 that, after purchasing our first fleet, we started a transport business.
At first, we offered long-distance waste transport with walking floor trailers, but after buying refrigerated trucks and tippers, we extended our services to transport across the European Union.

In 2004, to expand the scope of our services, we purchased concrete mixers and concrete pumps and become a subcontractor for such companies as CEMEX and GÓRAŻDŻE BETON for several years, building motorways and large industrial facilities in Poland.

Proper planning and successive purchases of new equipment allowed us to grow our company and constantly expand the scale of our services.

We have created two of our branches in Poznań and Szczecin, in which, apart from transport, we also manage waste sorting plants under a long-term contract. We purchased the right equipment and hired people to operate sorting machines. We also supervise all work in these sorting plants.

Our main business still remains domestic and international transport. We specialize in the transport of all types of waste and bulk materials, requiring large cargo spaces.


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Ul. Strażacka 11
93-318 Łódź, Poland
NIP: 726 001 81 53
REGON: 470792741
TEL./FAX: (0048) 42 681-13-11
E-mail: biuro@transhel.pl